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Pros of Part-Time MBA Programs:-

• Part-time MBA programs are more flexible for working professionals; classes are usually scheduled outside normal business hours.

• Some part-time MBA programs require fewer course credits than their full-time counterparts.

• Part-time programs are typically favored by employers who offer tuition reimbursement.

• Many part time MBA programs schedule courses all year long

• Part-time programs tend to cause less strain financially.

• Part –time MBA students can apply what they learn as they learn it.

Cons of Part-Time MBA Programs:-

• Not every school offers a part-time MBA program, which means you may not be able to attend your first school of choice.

• Some part-time programs offer fewer course selections than their full-time counterparts.

• Part-time programs require fewer class hours each week, but sometimes take as long as two to five years to complete.

• Credits that are earned through a part-time MBA program are not always transferable to other programs.

• Many part-time MBA programs schedule courses all year long.

• Working while you earn your part-time MBA can be exhausting--especially if it will take you more than two years to earn your degree.

• Part-time MBA programs rarely offer a study abroad option.