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About Us

Selecting the right B-School is the most crucial step in the path towards achieving an MBA degree. It is the one thing that can make or break an MBA aspirant’s career. WWW.APNAMBA.COM has been conceived to provide the right knowhow and guidance to every student, so that they can gain admission in the B-School of their choice.

ApnaMBA is managed by a team of professionals armed with extensive knowledge on the requirements, processes and criteria of admission to top MBA colleges across the country.

We encourage students to fill up a Common Application Form (CAF), which helps us to gain insight into each student’s mental makeup, strengths and weaknesses. This helps us to provide in-depth personalized counseling to students that is tailor-made to their specific requirements.

Most MBA aspirants find themselves lost in the sea of information available online, the aggressive marketing by MBA schools and unsolicited advice from friends and acquaintances. They wish for a source of help they can rely on unequivocally; one that is genuine, sincere and geared to work for their best interests.

ApnaMBA is that beacon of guiding light for thousands of MBA aspirants- a companion who is genuine, a friend who is caring and a confrere who understands. We work to develop a level of trust, comfort and confidence in students, all the while steering, pushing and prodding them towards the MBA College of their dreams, that which is perfectly matched with their individual life goals. We are there to guide the students every step of the way- from preparation to selection of the College.