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About Woxsen

Woxsen School of Business recognizes the vital impact of family enterprise on our economy, as well as the specialized need of this unique entity. We are committed to improving the statistics through the provision of essential tools, guidance and knowledge in areas such as:

Succession planning Corporate governance Leadership development

Woxsen’s Unique PGP – Family Managed Business

Targeted at the next generation of leaders in Family Businesses

Part-time format spread over 12 months – Gives students enough time to focus on their business side-by-side

On-campus classes in modules of 6 days, every 6th week

Global Faculty from leading business schools across the globe

International Immersion in NTU, Singapore

Mentoring from the best in the industry

Woxsen's Winning Formula

Entrepreneurial mind-set.

Global faculty living on campus.

Learning & Development support throughout the programme.

Global Immersion Programme.

Industry Interaction.

Unmatched 200 acres campus.

Top Recruiters for PGPXP & PGDM

The Best Recruits the Best

Learning Outcomes

Unique courses that target family businesses taught by world renowned faculty from across the globe including India, Europe and more.

One of its kind program that accelerates in-class learning & application to your business at the same time.

Mentorship Program with India’s prominent business leaders where you get a chance to speak one-on-one about your family business.

Transform your family business with global exposure in courses for Marketing, Operations, Finance & Human Resources.